Our Values

  • We believe that ethics and transparency with all our stakeholders including our clients is the key to all our dealings.

  • Our unique design and solutions will deliver results which will be above our client's expectations.

  • We aim to contribute our efforts to develop the financially backward youth to enable them to become part of the global financial industry and achieve success.

At a Glance

We are a niche firm providing solutions in the Banking and Financial Services sector. Our strength is in our experienced leadership team, who have experience in diverse segments of the Banking and Financial Services Industry.

We leverage on this experience and provide specific training, consulting and financial advisory services to deliver results which exceed our clients expectations.

HyphenInc. came into existence as a result of the strong shared passion of its 3 co-founders. The leadership team of HyphenInc felt and believed that there exists various gaps in key aspects of the financial education and financial service areas. Key among these were the gap that exists between most management students and the corporate employers who hire them. This gap arises due to differences in expectations at both ends, as well as lack of required knowledge and skills of the Management students. This is one of the areas where we focus and deliver customised solutions.

We also partner with small and medium size enterprises who in today’s global environment require wider financial acumen to grow their business. We have found that these technocrats and entrepreneurs have great business ideas and products but sometimes cannot progress due to lack of proper financial knowledge and assistance. Our expert and experienced leadership team connect with these enterprises and facilitate in finding the right financial solutions.

We believe that HyphenInc provides "The Right Connect" which would enable our clients to minimise these gaps and attain higher levels of business leadership.

Our firms name "Hyphen" and our logo signify this very important connect. The Hyphen in English language enables the connect between two words and enhances the meaning to create a new value enriched word.

Come connect with us for our customised solutions across training, consulting and financial advisory services.